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“Nothing is impossible, not if you have the chance to do it,” quips Aryan Khalili E.A. Aryan, an expert in tax negotiation deals in helping clients fix their IRS audits and tax issues. “My ideal clients are those with complicated tax issues or those who simply want to file their taxes. We maximize their refund and propel their companies to profit,” he says.

Aryan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the DeVry University. He is a qualified Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue having passed 3 comprehensive exams.  He additionally holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and has been in the accounting field for two years.

Aryan is most passionate about helping clients fix their IRS audits and tax issues. His major achievement is saving his clients thousands of dollars to settle their tax returns for less. This is how he operates, “They owe money in terms of tax to the IRS and I settle their taxes for less, sometimes even to zero. There are also times I file amended returns and get my clients more money than they have asked for.”

A very understanding individual with deep concern for his clients, Aryan even helps clients with book keeping and audits for their companies and inventories. Aside from that, he runs a translation company known as AZ Translation Services available at