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Find The Local Business Online

The most important principle every person should follow when building a business is the Yexxs Directory logoshortest: location. You grow your business where the money is. Today, this means building your business online. But what if you are already an established local business? How do you integrate the power of the internet with your brick and mortar business? Answer: local business online marketing and free local directory.

Why is local business online marketing important? Over 83 percent of US households use the internet as a shopping source to shop locally. And over 97 percent of these consumers use the internet to research products and services in their locality. These two statistics are enough reasons to persuade you to employ free local directory for your online marketing. The next question is how you can improve your business online? Below are local business online marketing tips you can do:

Local Business Search Listings

Google Places, Yahoo, and Bing all have a free local directory. Simply by following verification processes will help potential customers find your business location and how they can contact you. This should be the very first thing you should do. Also, upload photos of yourself and your business because local business search listings want users to see actual pictures of your location. People who search for your business online also want to see the pictures of your establishment too. It doesn’t have to be professional photos, but good quality ones are a good representation of your business and your attention to detail.

Reviews Are Good

Reviews are good for your business as future customers will be able to know what to expect from you. Encourage the clients who have used your services to write reviews on the free local directory. Do not worry about bad reviews, though. No business is perfect and having excellent, 5-star reviews all the time may send a wrong signal that you are manipulating or just buy the reviews yourself. Of course, you don’t want to attract bad reviews as well. Make sure that you provide quality services so that your reviews will be good.

Make Your Phone and Address Known Online

It ‘s nice to have a website, but make sure that you include your phone number and physicalAdvertise your business with banner address on the free local directory so that future customers will be able to contact or visit you right away. Avoid online forms like Google forms; potential customers may not like it. Spread your number and address on all your website pages to stress that your business does in fact exist.

Always Think Like a Searcher

It is not hard to know what people want; just think of what you want. For example, you are looking for a Mexican restaurant in Houston, Texas. You will certainly search for “Mexican restaurant in Houston.” That’s what your customers will do as well. Focus on specific keywords when optimizing your site so that you drive relevant traffic and targeted customers to your business. Keywords are vital in helping your business grow online.

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